Kinbee is not your average company!

Yes, we work with you to co-produce aspirational learning and development strategies; offer innovative expert consultancy that enhances quality and standards of practice; and deliver empowering talent development for your success and growth BUT we are so much more than that…

We are a team of specialists who are experienced, skilled and understand the complex issues and behaviours that your clients experience. We know that your knowledge, insight and expertise is your most valuable commodity, your competitive advantage and the driving force behind your success. So by working together we can support you to embed excellence and explore what a culture of learning looks like for you!

Kinbee promises you

we will raise the bar of expectations and create spaces to learn, develop and share evidence-based best practice, identifying transferrable skills and embed the principles of delivering excellence.


Kinbee has created our own Excellence and Elevation framework that helps organisations take a structured approach to developing their:

Professional competence using high quality, inspired learning activities that build skills, resilience and are based on best practice

Client engagement that is safe, effective and provides the appropriate support to inspire and empower them to grow and thrive

Service impact by identifying, implementing and evaluating systematic, evidence based and holistic approaches that improves productivity and delivers excellence

Sector responsibility by creating collaborations that encourages a solution focused approach, challenges mediocrity and building a network of professionals who are stronger together

Peer support connecting professionals who share the same ethics, values and goals but are prepared to be proactive in their approach

Recognition of commitment for professionals, teams and services that go above and beyond and are making a difference to peoples’ lives

I am Charlotte Hopkins, Co-Founder of Kinbee,

workforce development expert, success coach and fierce advocate of quality assurance!

I have supported hundreds of individuals in their personal growth and professional development so that they create maximum impact in what they do. Working directly with commissioners, leaders and professionals across community-based services, I use the best tools and hands-on experience to map development needs and ensure strategic planning is designed to support, grow and retain a skilled and engaged workforce for the future.

I have an incredible amount of passion to help individuals, teams and organisations strive to eradicate mediocrity by creating the culture of excellence across everything they do, through effective bespoke interventions that enabling teams and individuals to stand out with a reputation that is based on credibility, trust and results.

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Learning and development examples

I believe that what we offer has real impact and will create a real fire in your belly!

I truly believe that when we are doing something that we love, we shouldn’t need to cultivate too much effort to develop our skills, knowledge and professional practice. When we use our energy carefully, learning and development feels effortless and exciting which allows us to unleash our full potential as well as building real and sustainable change.

I am really excited that you are here, and I cannot wait to hear all about your learning and development plans and exploring how the team and I can support you in creating a culture of excellence that will help you thrive!


You have
probably noticed

we are pretty passionate about learning and development and helping you create a culture of excellence in your work?
Our vision is “To create excellence that elevates people-led services and helps them deliver incredible service delivery and support to their communities.”

Our mission is to “Empower operational and professional growth through the delivery of high-quality training, expert consultancy and empowering coaching; building an unrivalled reputation, unshakeable confidence and improving the lives of people receiving support.”

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Kinbee has an incredible team of experts

who have a real breadth and depth of experience, knowledge and wisdom within their work. Identified as phenomenal trainers, consultants and coaches we work with those who aren’t afraid to challenge mediocrity. Chosen for their reputation, passion and insight BUT also for their delivery skills and dedication towards making excellence count.

Values are also important to us and a commitment to social justice and equality is essential for all Kinbee associates and staff:
• Accountability: Willing to take responsibility for personal and professional actions at all times.
• Integrity: Being open, honest and having strong principles that are grounded in best practice.
• Excellence: Striving to deliver high quality services by selecting the right people for the right job.
• Collaboration: Working together with self-awareness, compassion and trust.

our work

Our work has meant we have collaborated with some pretty special partners, such as:

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