You have scaled your expertise

passion and wisdom by creating huge impact with your own course/s.

You are recognised as someone to trust in your work, but you feel having your programmes accredited will bring that additional credibility and authority to help you stand out as the non-negotiable choice in your field.

You have probably researched different accreditation pathways, searched terms such as ‘awarding bodies’, ‘quality assurance’ and ‘qualification pathways’ but now feel confused with all the conflicting information. Maybe it feels overwhelming or accrediting your courses just keep getting moved further down your ‘To Do’ List!

The action or process of officially recognising someone or something as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.
“the accreditation of professionals"

The online course industry

is growing exponentially and not only is it becoming more common for people to complete their learning online but it is becoming more and more challenging for course providers to stand out from the thousands of programmes that are available. There is a huge demand for carefully thought-out programmes that, not only demonstrate that they are going to do the job properly, but they are also high quality, results driven and delivered by trustworthy course providers.

This is exactly where Kinbee can come in.

We collaborate with you to understand exactly where you are in the process of getting your very own course, programme, or mastermind accredited. Whether you need help to start from scratch or you know exactly which awarding body you want to work with or you need an experienced mentor to help you unleash those big academy plans! Kinbee can help you achieve all of those aspirations and more!

Benefits of gaining accreditation for your course or programme include:

• demonstrating to your audience that you take your commitment towards delivering excellence really seriously
• creating a robust systems-approach to measuring the impact of your course; highlighting the phenomenal results that you create (so much more powerful than client testimonials!)
• bringing you independent endorsement that validates your expertise and allows you to shout out about your authority in this area of work
• giving you a greater profile, recognition and credibility that widens your audience making you’re the trustworthy choice
• creating a competitive edge that helps you stand out from the charlatans in your work and become the change needed in your field
• really solidifying your position in the market
• helping you build an unshakable confidence, unrivalled reputation and a solid infrastructure that is based on best practice and high-quality assurances

Going through any quality assurance process

will identify areas of development (of course) but it also identifies strengths and acts as an incredible, independent, testimony to your awesomeness!

If you are ambitious and driven to create a real impact in your work, then make the decision to invest in best practise by creating an incredible academy that shouts loud and proud about your ability to deliver excellence.


Bronze: £2,000.00 plus VAT

Our Bronze Package will help you understand the expectations and responsibilities that are associated with accrediting your programmes and navigate the hundreds of different Awarding Bodies. By building a bigger picture of your business and the goals for accrediting your courses you will know exactly what to expect during the process. Together we will:

• Undertake a full consultation to discuss your current courses and programmes and understand your business accreditation plans.
• Provide you with the guidance needed as you navigate your accreditation process to avoid confusion, overwhelm and time wasting.
• Complete a full Quality Management Audit so that you have complete clarity on what you have to do to gain centre approval with your chosen Awarding Body and achieve accreditation recognition.
• Produce a final report that outlines recommendations to build a high-quality assurance strategy that aligns with your future business standards and aspirations.

Silver: from £6000.00 plus VAT*

In just 90 days we can pull together the vision, the goals and the products needed to elevate your programme and courses with your very own training academy.

Our Silver Package includes all of the activities outlined within the bronze package but also provide you with full support to gain full centre approval with your chosen Awarding Body and gain accreditation recognition for ONE of your programmes.

Our team will provide support that will include:
• Facilitating a series of meetings with you (and your training team if applicable) to identify and map out your full Quality Assurance plans and your long-term vision regarding your training and accreditations.
• Liaise with your chosen Awarding Body to lead your centre during the approval process.
• Create a full and comprehensive Quality and Compliance Management strategy that will meet all of the expected requirements for your centre approval with your Awarding Body as well as set the standards and expectations that you have internally for your academy.
• Create a Quality Assurance Framework that aligns with the minimum standards and requirements of the Awarding Body, including developing your policies and procedures, all internal quality assurance activities and approval documents for your delivery and staff.
• Guide your delivery team to develop a full and comprehensive curriculum inc. lesson plans and assessment materials to meet the criteria from your chosen accreditation framework.
• Create branded quality assurance templates for your service to meet the required stages of the quality assurance processes.
• Liaise with Awarding Body Quality Assurance Managers until full approval is gained for your service.
• Support your Quality Assurance Lead to understand their role and responsibilities to maintain the annual quality assurance expectations for each training programme and accreditation/ qualification.

Gold: Monthly retainer fee

Our Gold Package provides you and your academy with the ongoing and full Quality Management support needed as an approved centre and to maintain approval with your Awarding Body.

The price of our gold package is based on a number of factors that are determined by our CAMERA Quality Assurance system. All new centres will be allocated a Red, Amber or Green (RAG) rating based on the CAMERA audit which determines the levels of quality management within your service. All centres automatically start on a Red rating (£500 per month) until a number of Quality Assurance activities are completed and a lower rating is achieved. The team at Kinbee aim to support you to achieve a Green rating (£300 per month) as quickly as possible.

Our monthly retainer includes:
• Kinbee will act as your centre Quality Manager therefore leading on all of your accreditation and annual quality assurance processes as required by your chosen Awarding Body.
• A designated Quality Manager for your centre who will complete all internal quality assurances activities in line with your Quality and Compliance Strategy and Quality Assurance framework.
• Provision of full quality assurance support to you and your delivery team to answer any questions, deal with any accreditation concerns and advise on developing new course curriculums.
• Act as an independent Complaints and Appeals Advisor for your service, effectively and efficiently dealing with any issues with fairness and compassion.


If you are ready

to explore how accreditation can impact and elevate your work with excellence, then get in touch for a free and confidential consultation.