You are already

making a real difference in people’s lives but it’s time to make a bigger impact. It’s time to create a greater ripple effect across your community by sharing your knowledge, insight and expertise to a wider audience.
Creating courses, building digital learning spaces or leading your own programme are essential to grow and scale effectively. Whether you are a community-based organisation or a freelance trainer, coach, or consultant creating safe and inclusive learning spaces to your portfolio is a must.

When these are designed with excellence in mind, not only do they attract more people, but they will help you make more money and elevate you as the recognized, non-negotiable choice in your niche.

But with the dramatic rise

in online courses and more and more adverts on social media selling you the next ‘must have’ programme, there has never been a more important time to stand out from the crowd with high quality and expertly crafted training. Most people who create their own courses focus on the sales and whilst it is important, too many fail to recognise the damage that can be caused when your programme is thrown together with no careful thought about how it flows, the content or what the audience actually needs to learn.

Maybe you have all of this information brewing in your brain but have no idea whether it is one, two or more courses?

Maybe you are confused about the different options available when creating your programme?

Maybe you have tried to create training before but it resulted in mediocre sales or felt like a complete waste of your time?


Kinbee excels

at providing solution-focused, bespoke support that helps you bring together your own blend of skills, wisdom and experience. Together will will identify, design and create your own course, programme or digital learning environment that engages your learners and meets their bespoke learning needs.

Having designed, facilitated and evaluated thousands of lesson plans, curriculums and bespoke programmes (over more than two decades) Kinbee is on a mission to eradicate the mediocrity within the learning and development space and really inspire excellence. Getting you incredible results, higher completion rates and more satisfied clients.

Whether you are starting to think about creating your first signature course or are ready to build your very own training academy, Kinbee has the skills, experience and insider info to help make that happen!


Your step by step ‘Done-With-You’ pathway:

Identify needs:

Complete an initial consultation using our Excellence & Elevation framework to identify and understand your course, programme, or academy goals

Develop solutions

Provide guidance, support and the tools needed to help you understand everything needed to create your signature programme, understanding, and implementing the core dimensions that create impactful training that delivers with excellence.

Strategically align

It is not about just making sure you have a course that sells but one that meets the vision and mission of your service. Together we will explore how your course or programme will be delivered to make sure your plans fully align with your business model.

Optimise Performance

Creating an incredible course is the simple part but making sure that it will sell is crucial. Kinbee will help you beta test your course so that it runs smoothly and can meets the needs of your audience

Implementation Support

This is a step for those who are time poor or need that little extra support. Before we look at our final step in the pathway, we can help you create your programme whether that’s online or offline. Working within your budget we can take your ideas, knowledge and vision and create something that is ready to be sell. This involves the team at Kinbee crafting your bespoke programme on your chosen platform and making it fully functioning so that you are ready to onboard your learners and help them learn.

Evaluating productivity

This is the most overlooked and underutilised step on the pathway. Too many course creators rely on client testimonials but success and growth are built on so much more than this…taking a holistic look at your bigger vision, your course content and your learners needs we will create your very own evaluation tool that will monitor both the qualitative and quantitative measures needed to demonstrate the impact that you are having!

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Past Success

Josie Smith, Head of Substance Misuse, Senior Health Protection Specialist at Public Health Wales

“I have worked with Charlotte Hopkins in a professional capacity for over ten years and have no hesitation in recommending her for education, training, workforce development and implementation of training programmes…I and my team have always enjoyed working with Charlotte, and have found her to be highly professional, reliable, experienced and creative.”

Josie Smith,

Head of Substance Misuse / Senior Health Protection Specialist at Public Health Wales
Lindsey Cordery-Bruce, CEO The Wallich

“Charlotte excels at planning, visioning, relationship management, workforce development, coaching, leadership, communications and can basically turn her hand to anything. She has more business acumen that you can shake a stick at and is pleasure to work with and someone I really trust with business”

Lindsey Cordery-Bruce,

CEO The Wallich
Victoria (Stewart) Seed, Director The Vesta Approach

“I met Charlotte this year and was bowled over by her knowledge and enthusiasm for discreetly supporting professionals experiencing drug and alcohol problems. Not only that, but her commitment to raising the bar with quality standards in the work that coaches, therapists and other who are supporting people with complex needs is outstanding.”

Victoria (Stewart) Seed,

Director The Vesta Approach
tom hall- testimonial

Kinbee have been responsive to our learning needs, developing course content and training events that are specific to both the sector we operate within and our organisational context. This includes quickly creating video content for us to share widely with our staffing teams in response to fast developing Covid-19 situations and always ensuring that training is delivered with a focus on support work which is relevant to us, something we don’t find all providers are willing to do. It is a pleasure to work with the Kinbee team and we know that they will always be able to provide solutions and suggestions on how best to achieve our learning needs.”

Tom Hall,

Head of Training and Development at The Wallich

Our packages of support are designed specifically to meet your organisational needs and ambitions, to discuss exactly what you are looking for get in touch and we can create a bespoke package of support unique to you