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In times of increased competition and financial uncertainty, creating a Culture of Excellence™ in your organisation will be essential to help you stand out from the competition and attract the right people to collaborate with.

Learning and development is an important aspect of delivering excellence and when done properly it will help you build confidence, competence and high performing teams who will provide effective support to those people accessing services.


The 2019 People Power Sector Report published by City & Guilds health stated that: 


61% of organisations think that they will struggle to recruit people in the next 3-5 years. 

CEOs and HR specialists across the substance misuse sector have already stated the difficulties they are having in “attracting the brightest and the best” to come and work within the industry and with recent changes in the qualification processes and the pathways into the workforce shrinking, this is only going to get worse. 


44% of staff do not have the right skill set to support productivity

Whilst this considers the wider Health and Social Care sector, the joint 2018 Health Inspectorate Wales and Care Inspectorate Wales Review of Substance Misuse Services stated the sector had “ very supportive leadership who encourages growth and development amongst the workforce, and shows great concern for the staff”.  However, the findings also reported a need for: 

– more specialist learning
– ongoing upskilling to better understand the wider needs


78% of employers agreed that investing in staff emerged as the most effective tactic to address the skills gap 

Common themes that have occurred across many reports, consultations and investigations show that staff find it difficult to find time for training and development due to caseload and capacity issues within their projects. 


The Parliamentary Review of Health & Social Care in Wales, 2018 identified the need for one seamless system across Wales stating that “there is insufficient regular, appropriate and purposeful training across and within disciplines” and “not all training is appropriate for the different roles and responsibilities of staff within and across different disciplines and agencies”.  Kinbee believes that to create a Culture of Excellence we need to build resilience and capacity across the health, social and justice sectors through effective and robust workforce development. 


Measuring the Return On Investment (ROI) for all workforce development is crucial when making an informed and strategic approach to learning and development.  When carefully planned out, the ROI should yield: 

– An increase in skills, knowledge and understanding to identify the clients’ wider issues to really engage in trauma informed practice.
– A quicker and more efficient response time to the clients’ needs.
– Build transferable skills that can support prevention and early intervention, serious and untoward incidents (SUIs) and wider safeguarding needs that impacts a clients’ health and wellbeing.
– Resilience amongst sectors to improve outcomes for clients
– Reduce anxiety, stress and poor practice when supporting clients with complex and co-occurring needs.

Therefore, organisational leaders should be considering the opportunities available to them by introducing a learning and development framework into their practice.  As ‘people helping people’ client satisfaction is just one core aspect of what is essential to maintaining your business stability, see real impact and achieve sustainable change.

There is a real need to realise the potential financial impact and the results that will occur when improvement activities are applied; the impact that can happen to wellbeing and happiness, organisational reputation and attracting the brightest and the best to your business as you grow.

If you are in the business to help people make changes in their lives and would like to showcase how you Deliver Excellence then get in touch and we can chat.

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