The greatest asset that any company

is its staff so learning and development is an essential part of being a professional. When it is done correctly the return on investment can be amazing.


• Increase in confidence, competence and compassion
• Ability to recognise and respond appropriately to the needs of the service users
• Building best practice that looks to eradicate mediocrity



• Retain experienced, knowledgeable and skilled teams
• Creating supportive relationships with peers and colleagues
• Shared outcomes that meet the needs of the professional, the organisation and the communities served

Kinbee loves to host events

Training, Reflective Practice or a series of Action Learning Sets - after all that's what we are famous for!

There is nothing quite like being in a room with a group of like-minded people all learning about the same topic.

Kinbee only ever uses facilitators who are experienced in both their specialism and can take a hands on, interactive approach, to learning.

...to anyone with an interest in the subject. We use a mix of facilitation, coaching and teaching methods so we can be sure everyone leaves with improved knowledge, skills and understanding.

OUR services ARE

comprehensive and accessible

to anyone with an interest in the subject, we use a mix of facilitation methods so that everyone leaves with improved knowledge, skills and understanding.


Training is

a tried and tested method for improving your teams learning and development needs, whether you are inducting new staff members into the organisation, need more substantial professional development or would like to introduce new skills to experienced employees.

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Reflective practice is an amazing opportunity for your team to grow, thrive and succeed in their roles. By building a safe space, professionals can accurately assess their own learning needs with those of the service user to build knowledge, skill and expertise



Action learning sets are a simple and powerful way for individuals to learn from one another. When carefully facilitated action learning sets help people work through a process that provides solutions for real challenges, uses the knowledge and experiences of a small group of people to find new ideas and avoid repetition of practice that does not work

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Past Success

Emma Jay – Wellbeing Coach and Owner at Lifeshaper

”I have followed Charlotte's work for a year now and finally booked a session with her...I can honestly say I wasn't sure what we would achieve in 90 minutes but WOW! Charlotte absolutely blew me away and helped me gain so much clarity after feeling overwhelmed and confused with my offering. I highly recommend Charlotte she really takes on board all your ideas and plans and helps you get a clear vision and working action plan.”

Emma Jay,

Wellbeing Coach and Owner at Lifeshaper
Victoria (Stewart) Seed, Director The Vesta Approach

“I met Charlotte this year and was bowled over by her knowledge and enthusiasm for discreetly supporting professionals experiencing drug and alcohol problems. Not only that, but her commitment to raising the bar with quality standards in the work that coaches, therapists and other who are supporting people with complex needs is outstanding.”

Victoria (Stewart) Seed,

Director The Vesta Approach

Charlotte has a natural ability to build rapport and is able to transfer her prior knowledge to best suit your individual learning needs and chosen subject.  What I found beneficial was that during the course Charlotte would use her skills to mentor me and would never directly tell me how to something but would always use suggestions which in turn enabled me to make the right decisions.”

Dorian Dunnell,

Team Leader, Taith
Daljit Morris

“I recently approached Charlotte to support me in business coaching. Her help, guidance and advice were proven to have superb value. She identified with the needs I presented, how I deal with any concerns and most importantly she offered me solutions and tactics that I could adopt to help me grow as an individual and where I would like to be. Charlotte was very clear, and her structured approach made me focus on the most effective way to grow my confidence into being a strong leader and demonstrate how I could increase my own self-belief.”

Daljit Morris,

Operational Manager