When you combine

Facilitators with decades of experience and awesome delivery skills you get impactful training that is engaging, inspiring and leaves you wanting more.

Kinbee carefully selects all of our trainers to ensure they have genuine knowledge and experience but we also want to be sure that they are as passionate about delivering excellence as we are. Our network of facilitators provide invaluable insight, knowledge and support within their specialist subjects to really enable your team to navigate their roles and responsibilities.

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Looking for a
course your way?

Our trainers have a huge cross cutting level of experience from within social care, housing, health, education, and criminal justice settings so we are confident we can design a bespoke course just for you!

When we create our courses, we always make sure that our training is:
• practical and evidence based
• flexible enough to meet local, national, and service needs
• supportive, value based and pragmatic
• inclusive and always takes a discursive approach
• based on best practise and continuous improvement
• focuses on quality over quantity
• measures real impact to ensure a return on your investment

Building an in-house programme

Investing in training for your team should always be about improving their competence in a specific subject or area. Many organisations have team members who have incredible expertise and skills but need some extra support to create a course/ programme or digital learning space that is impactful, can meet best practice standards and be used consistently within the organisation.

With reduced budgets and restricted resources to buy ongoing courses that need to be delivered frequently, Kinbee can provide you with an incredible solution.

Working directly with Charlotte, you can bring the subject specialism and we will bring the training and quality assurance expertise. Together we will co-create a course that is built just for you. A programme that can be rolled out as often as you need it to be. With just a one off collaboration cost you can be sure that your facilitator/s will have what they need to deliver confidently.

Contact Charlotte, who will happily discuss your learning and development needs and prepare a bespoke proposal just for you!


98% of those who've attended our training would recommend our cause to others

98% of those who've attended our trainer rated are trainers as excellent or very good

97% of those who've attended our training rated our training
as excellent or
very good

We take feedback very seriously

and use Results Based Accountability (RBA) methodology to help us see what your team has learned and allow us to develop our training to the highest standards.

quite marks

Past Success

tom hall- testimonial

Kinbee have been responsive to our learning needs, developing course content and training events that are specific to both the sector we operate within and our organisational context. This includes quickly creating video content for us to share widely with our staffing teams in response to fast developing Covid-19 situations and always ensuring that training is delivered with a focus on support work which is relevant to us, something we don’t find all providers are willing to do. It is a pleasure to work with the Kinbee team and we know that they will always be able to provide solutions and suggestions on how best to achieve our learning needs.”

Tom Hall,

Head of Training and Development at The Wallich

As one of the people responsible for training in our organisation I am always thrilled and reassured by the feedback our staff give after attending a Kinbee training session.  All of the Kinbee trainers are incredibly engaging and approachable and allow or staff opportunities for discussion in a safe and supported manner.  The content delivered is always recognised as specific to our staff and service users which again makes anyone training feel they are in safe and knowledgeable hands.”

Sarah Mawer,

Talent Development Facilitator at The Wallich
Josie Smith, Head of Substance Misuse, Senior Health Protection Specialist at Public Health Wales

“I have worked with Charlotte Hopkins in a professional capacity for over ten years and have no hesitation in recommending her for education, training, workforce development and implementation of training programmes…I and my team have always enjoyed working with Charlotte, and have found her to be highly professional, reliable, experienced and creative.”

Josie Smith,

Head of Substance Misuse / Senior Health Protection Specialist at Public Health Wales