Kinbee Consultancy has a range of very experienced associates

who have vast expertise on service design, cultural change, implementation and mobilization, and continuous service improvements.

All of our consultants have worked at a senior level in the private, public and third sectors and understand the crossover points between these different organisational cultures. We have the ability to understand the nuances between partners and the challenges that different delivery mechanisms can bring. With over 50 years of experience creating and developing different initiatives including policy design, project implementation and programme performance, we are confident that we can support you with your bespoke organisational needs.


Best Practice Audits

From individuals to whole service approaches, the team at Kinbee are experts at helping organisations eradicate mediocrity and embed evidence-based best practice.

• Understanding what is needed to stand out as sector leading
• Identifying and leveraging professional capital for improved success
• Developing solutions that creates a culture of excellence
• Facilitate partnerships and multi-professional working to identify shared values, goals and outcomes
• Strategy design that co-ordinates learning and development, organisational culture and service design (aka our 7 Pillars within the Excellence and Elevation)

Collaboration initiatives

From small group interventions to whole system transformation, the team at Kinbee have a track record of supporting services and organisations to elevate with excellence.

• Supporting organisational transformation and the redesign of services
• Forging partnerships that are cohesive between services, sectors and professionals
• Client-led culture change that supports all staff throughout the organisation
• Developing skill and capacity that maximises outcomes for people accessing support
• Assisting organisations to improve productivity, service delivery and strategic objectives

Creative Expertise

From small psychosocial interventions to creating incredibly bespoke toolkits, we can provide unique solutions to a range of problems.

• Reviewing your own courses to ensure they are engaging and interactive and are achieving the best results for those who complete them
• Creating unique solutions that meet your specific needs such as the design of an interactive toolkits and unique digital learning environments that align with your priorities and vision
• Building bespoke strategies and implementation plans that are innovative and created to get the best out of your team!

Project Management and Project Implementation

From project oversight to full coordination of the design and implementation of complex multi-dimensional projects and change management, at Kinbee we have the creative capacity and skills to provide solution focused support.

• From initial concept to draft planning Kinbee Consultancy has the creative capacity to work with you to scope, develop and implement new or redesigned projects

•Kinbee consultancy specialises in co-production and alliance commission approaches

•We are also keen advocates of peer led involvement in service design and delivery and work with service user groups to make sure that their voices are designed into delivery

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Past Success

Kelechi Nnoaham, Director of Public Health and Executive Lead for R&D, Innovation and Value-Based Health, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board

“Gareth Hopkins brought genuine ability, experience, and a much valued ‘can-do’ attitude that was infectious. His vision and know-how really helped us to achieve the concept and delivery of a radically new integrated service that began to change the outlook for our clients…I cannot recommend Gareth enough”

Kelechi Nnoaham,

Director of Public Health Medicine & Executive LEAs for Academic Partnerships, Research & Development and Innovation
Claire Cunliffe Head of Interventions at Equality and Human Rights Commission

“Gareth has an astounding wealth of knowledge and experience, this combined with his approachable, helpful and down to earth nature meant it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a consultant in his specialist field.”

Claire Cunliffe,

Head of Interventions at Equality and Human Rights Commission
Stephen Carr, Head of Organisational Development & Learning at Senedd Cymru,Welsh Parliament

“Gareth played a key role in establishing effective and integrated substance misuse services and interventions for offenders across South Wales, with an excellent grasp of service commissioning and planning within the complex partnerships landscape. Throughout my time working with Gareth in reducing reoffending and improving community safety I valued his professionalism, expertise and knowledge and his ability to work supportively with a diverse range of partners.”

Stephen Carr,

Head of Organisational Development & Learning at Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament
Sabrina Shadie, Ethics&Equity Change Maker Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Development Coach, Mental Health & Resilience Champion

“Charlotte has so many skills and talents, not least of which are her vision and empathy when providing strategic coaching. Her objectivity and depth of understanding ensure positive results. Charlotte's ability to elevate her clients to the next level is phenomenal and I couldn't be more grateful for her input, which always leaves me highly motivated and inspired”

Sabrina Shadie,

Change Maker | Diversity & Inclusion Advocate | Development Coach | Mental Health & Resilience Champion
Lindsey Cordery-Bruce, CEO The Wallich

“Charlotte excels at planning, visioning, relationship management, workforce development, coaching, leadership, communications and can basically turn her hand to anything. She has more business acumen that you can shake a stick at and is pleasure to work with and someone I really trust with business”

Lindsey Cordery-Bruce,

CEO The Wallich

Kinbee consultancy

would be happy to discuss with you any bespoke approach you may wish to adopt in considering or actioning change. We appreciate that this work is often sensitive and politically charged so we can guarantee that we will work always based on absolute discretion.