Work Force Development planning for non-learning and development experts

• Create an impactful, meaningful and productive learning and development plan
• Design a bespoke Culture of Excellence that is unique to your organisation and teams needs
• Build an unshakeable confidence across your team so that they deliver safe and effective support to your service users
• Standout with an unrivalled reputation created from credibility, expertise and success
• Explore what it takes to make excellence a habit and evaluate you, your team and your organisation to make a real impact in your communities

Creating an inspiring, ambitious and pragmatic workforce development strategy plays an important role in the success and growth of your service…Kinbee has worked with thousands of professionals, across hundreds of organisations, to help them elevate with excellence.

Far too many organisations
spend too much

time, money and resources paying for training and qualifications that aren't aligned to their team’s learning needs or delivery requirements. When the workforce development plan is aligned with the organisational vision, values and strategic priorities it can have a huge impact that avoids frustration, discontentment and a high turnover of staff.

Don't invest in training that is not needed.

Don't insist staff attend courses that doesn’t meet their needs.

Don't waste valuable resources just to get rid of that underspend.


This online six-month group programme

is for professionals who have a responsibility for developing and leading workforce development within their organisations but are not learning and development specialists.

Led by Kinbee Director Charlotte,

who has over two decades of learning and development expertise, coaching leaders for growth and success and managing quality assurance systems, this is so much more than a training course.

of exce

Over six months, we will provide you with inspiration and creativity, group mentoring support, structured modules and downloadable templates to help you build your own bespoke strategy. Everything will be tailor made to customise and build your own unique and aspirational workforce development strategy.

Using our Excellence and Elevation framework

we will explore each of the 5 dimensions (and 20 core competences) and how they relate to your organisational learning needs.


exploring the vision, mission and values of your organisation - staying true to your individuality and personality


understanding what it takes to create an unrivalled reputation that will help you stand out from your competition and elevate with excellence


building a solid learning and development infrastructure that inspires, scales and protects the future of your organisation


creating an unshakeable confidence in your delivery by highlighting what it takes to lead, influence and deliver with integrity and professionalism


understanding exactly what impact your workforce development strategy is causing by embedding quality assurance into the heart of the process

Together we will explore

what it takes to make excellence a habit and evaluate you, your team and your organisation to make a real impact in your communities and then work together put your ideas, vision and organisational needs into an impactful, meaningful and productive learning and development plan.

We know that creating an inspiring and ambitious workforce development strategy plays an important role in the success and growth of your service but after working with thousands of professionals, across hundreds of organisations, to help them elevate with excellence we also know it needs to be pragmatic, easy to implement and give you the desired return on investment.


1. Bespoke 1:1 Excellence and Elevation audit for your service

We kickstart your journey with a 1:1 call with Charlotte. A 2-hour intense session to complete our Excellence and Elevation audit and explore your organisations current approach to workforce development. Using the 7 Pillars within our model, we then refine the exact needs of your organisation so that we can get complete clarity on the focus and priorities for your workforce development strategy and implementation plans.

2. Designing the 5 dimensions needed to create a Culture of Excellence

Over 12 training sessions, that will be delivered live (and recorded for future access) we will explore the 5 dimension and 20 core competencies that make up the Culture of Excellence model within Pillar 1. Each module will give you’re the breadth and depth of insight and knowledge needed to build your workforce strategy step-by-step. Together we will map out own robust and sustainable Culture of Excellence plan.

3. Accountability support

Unlike many online training programmes that leave you with more questions than answers, we intent to make sure you get the final results you need. Built in accountability, guidance and support will be led by us and connects you with other like-minded people on the course. Together you will create a community for creativity, inspiration, taking action and collaborating with when you are struggling…your very own cheerleader squad!

4. 1:1 mentoring support

However, we do know from first-hand experience that some questions are not meant for a wider audience! We appreciate that you may have commercially sensitive and confidential information so, to make sure that you create your strategy AND design your implementation plan we have also built in monthly 1:1 calls that provides coaching, mentoring or wellbeing support throughout the duration of the programme.

5. Community of like-minded professionals all Creating a Culture of Excellence

Not only do you get incredible support throughout the 6 months of the programme but you will be invited to join our very own private community on LinkedIn. A closed and private group that allows you to ask questions, analyse your findings and explore different solutions to tricky situations not only during the programme but AFTER too…giving you time to implement some of your strategy and reach out for any hiccups that may have occurred!


Not only that but we also have some incredible experts to deliver specialist masterclasses on areas such as:

• recruitment and selection
• succession planning
• culture and its impact on workforce development
• appraisal and supervision

By investing in our 6-month programme, you will receive full access to:

• A full audit and further details about our Excellence and Elevation framework including the 7 pillars that will structure your strategy and help you understand the parameters, ambitions and goals required from your workforce.
• 12 live workshops that are bespoke to the five dimensions and twenty core competencies that will be embedded across your organisational strategy.
• 6 x 1:1 sessions with Charlotte to make sure you are staying focused, on track and not overwhelmed!
• PDF downloads that help you map out exactly what you need within your strategy and implementation plan.
• 24 weekly action learning sets that will provide mentoring, advice and the accountability needed to help you stay on track.
• Your own pod of people who are also leading personal and professional development within their organisation (that virtual hug needed when creating excellence.)
• 6 bonus masterclasses from specialists in their field
• 1 awesome community of ambitious professionals who are all raving fans of personal and professional development!

All sounding great but struggling to see how you can get it all done? Let's talk about it…

1. There is a lot of information but it is all about inspiring you to create something that is meaningful, impactful and productive, rather than retaining lots of new information!
2. All of the sessions will be recorded and uploaded for you to watch 24/7 and you can access (or rewatch) these as many times as you need.
3. There will be 1:1, pod and community support available to help you through this process but don’t worry you don’t have to engage in EVERYTHING unless you want to.
4. Our community will be available for you to ask questions and start conversations as soon as you have signed up, it is full of experts and experienced people who are trained to spot stress overwhelm AND overexcitement!!
5. If you are not sure if you have the time in your diary then reach out and let's connect.

I am a learning and development expert, is this suitable for me?

Whilst this programme has been designed to support people without any formal experience or qualifications in learning and development, the professionals that Charlotte works with come from a variety of different sectors, roles and perspectives. She is highly skilled in being able to see the bigger vision and Charlotte has yet to come across a sector she cannot sprinkle her workforce development magic onto.

So if you have a responsibility to lead workforce development in your organisation, you happen to be highly experienced and knowledgeable but could do with some inspiration to get you started, feel that you need some enthusiasm to get innovative or you just really want to become part of a motivated group of people who are all creating a Culture of Excellence, then it is highly likely this programme is for you!

Creating a culture of excellence is perfect for you if:

• you want to create excellence in your organisation
• you have a team who deserve inspired workforce development activities
• you have a community of service users who deserve the very best delivery
• you want to find the solutions a whole lot easier and quicker
• you are ready to create a ripple effect of impact
• you are ready to show up do the work and commit to excellence and elevation

Excellence and Elevation audit - £500
1:1 mentoring sessions - £1200
Excellence and Elevation workshops - £2400
Accountability pods - £500
Expert masterclasses - £900
Community Support – priceless
Total value £5500

Programme price:
£4000 plus vat per person