Learning and development

is an essential part of building a productive workforce who understands service user needs, can create sector-leading services and maximises professional success.

When it is done properly, it can have an incredibly positive impact that causes a ripple effect of excellence that spans across individuals, teams, organisations and communities – elevating your service to deliver the highest quality support and interventions.


not all workforce development strategies are created equally. Too many fail to inspire a vibrant workforce. Not enough plans are designed to create sustainable impact. Most do not include exciting and engaging activities.


Not all workforce development strategists are able to help you plan, develop and evaluate your capability and capacity so that you create a skilled team who are able to influence, lead and drive change in their sector…Kinbee can!


• Team members find it difficult to attend training due to high case-loads and limited capacity

• Staff morale is low, making staff turn-over high, so people roll their eyes when you ask them to participate in team meetings, supervision or reflective practice

• Funding is limited for anything outside of mandatory training

• Finding great facilitators with the breadth and depth of knowledge and skill needed for your experienced team is h.a.r.d!

• It’s a genuine struggle to find workforce development activities that actually meet the growth and development needs of your team making you question the return on investment for your time, energy and money.

What if we told you

that we can help with that.

We believe that workforce development is so much more than training and qualifications. In fact, our own Excellence and Elevation framework is made up of 7 distinct pillars…

yellow bottom triangle


Talent development framework

and Elevation framework

and design

Recruitment, selection and exit planning

Organisational culture

Talent development

Supervision, appraisal and recognition

and personal growth

Leadership and management

The greatest asset

that any company has is its staff so creating inspired, aspirational and impactful workforce development should be the minimum action taken by any service who wants to be sector-leading.

When it is designed correctly the return on investment can be amazing:
• Increases confidence, skill and compassion amongst your team creating more supportive relationships with peers and colleagues
• Builds best practice that is future focused, aims to eradicate any mediocrity and deliver excellence
• Retains experienced, knowledgeable and skilled team members who have complete clarity around their role and responsibility
• Helps your team recognise and respond appropriately to the complex needs of service users therefore impacting service delivery and improving client support
• A clear direction that develops productivity, performance and competences based on recognised standards of care and elevating best practice
• Shared outcomes that meet the needs of the individual, service and communities served and building better outcomes for future generations.


Whether you are an experienced Learning & Development Lead

who wants some additional creativity OR you have no specialist learning and development expertise but hold full responsibility for embedding workforce development across your organisation. Kinbee has the solution to suit even the tightest of budgets!

and development
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Option One

Our Expert Consultancy support will take you through our step-by-step pathway to create your very own holistic Culture of Excellence strategy. Working with your available resources we will co-design a bespoke implementation plan, with clear actionable goals and build complete clarity on how you are going to measure your return on investment.


Option two

If you are ready to explore what it takes to embed a Culture of Excellence into your service but want to be surrounded by other incredible people leading workforce development then check out our Creating a Culture of Excellence group programme. Specifically designed for those with a smaller budget, want some accountability, needs structure and is ready to connect with other likeminded professionals.


Your organisation needs skilled, empowered and resilient staff

who are all able to deliver with excellence. By building a strategy that allows them to take personal ownership, in their professional capacity, you could continue to grow feeling confident that you have the right people in the right place providing the right support and interventions.

We believe that delivering excellence is never by accident! It takes great intentions, clear reflections and consistent action.